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Author(s): Gökhan İÇEL
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2525    1520

After thirty years of sectarian wars, the German unity of German union, the economic solution against poverty, the increase of the power of the monarchy, that is, the emergence of the theory of mercantilism emerging in western Europe, which advocates the state's intervention in the economy, Kameralism, German and German. spoken continental Europe reveals its economic historical development. While examining the relations between the economic elements of the Kameralist era, which influenced by Continental Europe, the definition of the economic elements will be defined first. The economic factors were the political, social, and welfare level that was the cause of the Kameralist formation in the region in that period. Economic developments in Western Europe were influential in the formation of the Kameralist era. Kameralism can be studied mainly in three branches. These are economy, defense, and public financial management, which focus on the development of agriculture and industry. The traces of the camera list economic policies of the period continue to affect the industrial revolution and afterward. In this article, the descriptive method was used as a research method.
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