International Journal of Business and Applied Social Science

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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Call for Papers: VOL: 10, ISSUE: 7, Publication July 31, 2024



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Author(s): Kristhina Anisa; Micho Gunawan; Muhammad Fiqie Aristyo⃰; Rhenez Alitdo Lasanov; Faranita Mustikasari, Ph.D
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In this digital era, marketing media is one of the techniques used to introduce and advertise products. In addition, product marketing is promoted through so-called celebrity endorsers to make it more famous. This study aims to examine the influence of celebrity endorsers and social media marketing on the products of an APERD (Mutual Fund Selling Agent) in Indonesia, by considering brand awareness. This study used convenience sampling and SMART PLS as the sample collection and data analysis. The results revealed that celebrity endorsers directly influenced purchase intention negatively, yet positively when mediated by brand awareness. In contrast, social media marketing influenced purchase intention positively, either directly or when mediated by brand awareness.
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