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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Call for Papers: VOL: 10, ISSUE: 6, Publication June 30, 2024


VOLUME; 9, ISSUE; 3, March 2023

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Author(s): Assoc. prof. Dr. Nuray Islatince
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Digitalization opens the door to innovations in data production and analysis, especially to increase the internal efficiency of corporate users and to help them grow by adding value to customers. There are many studies in the literature that have reported that the talents and skills of bank employees have improved in parallel with the digitalization of banking activities. The present study aims to use the Technology Acceptance Model to investigate the attitudes of bank employees in the Turkish banking sector towards the use of information technologies and to perform empirical analysis to identify their thoughts on the use of digital banking and to determine the extent to which they accept the digital transformation. In the research, a survey was planned to be conducted on the subject studied, and for this purpose, the scale developed by Kitsios (2021) was adapted into Turkish.
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