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Author(s): Dr. Potamias Spyros; Mandilara Iro
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The pandemic of covid-19 accelerated to such an extent the prefigured tendencies - under the development of digital technology of modification of the way of distribution and reception of the works of art, that it would be generally admitted “to talk in terms of before and after this crucial moment” f. Morris, 2020). The present article attempts to outline this ongoing decisive change, in which the world of art is subject, not from the aspect of an aesthetic-artistic evaluation of the artworks that are created entirely by digital means and mediums, but from the aspect formed by the famous m. Mcluhan’s thesis “the medium is the message”. In other words, from the point of view of the consequences caused on the contemporary aesthetic experience of man by the medium, by the digital broadcasting of the works of art, that constitutionally presuppose and require the physical presence of the audience.
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