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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME; 8, ISSUE; 5, MAY 2022

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Author(s): Khan, M.; Hajdú, N.*
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The world's major importers and exporters are India and the European Union. When considering the notions of growth, the flow of trade plays a significant part in defining a country's economic development rate since business allows for the improvement of technology in an area critical to production and competitiveness. estimates argue that commerce alone cannot result in monetary growth and development since other elements such as political stability, the extent to which the rule of law is enforced, and the population growth rate, among other critical concerns, all contribute to a country's economy.
In the study, the influence of the EU exports and imports on India's GDP will be analyzed. The results of the data processing and calculation are summarized. The prediction of Indian export and import by 2025 is also included in the research.
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