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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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  • Call for Papers: VOL: 8, ISSUE: 7, Publication July 31, 2022


VOLUME; 8, ISSUE; 5, MAY 2022

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Author(s): Yu-Chen Yeh; Shan-Yan Huang
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The use of digital technologies represents many aims such as information, communication, and entertainment. Also, online games become one of the leisure time. Games are a prevalent form of entertainment in which the purpose of the design is to engage players. Besides, the addiction behaviors in this study refer to game addiction and community addiction. This study aims to explore the effects of addictive behaviors and job stress during the COVID-19. This study utilizes a structural equation model (SEM) for measurement evaluation and hypothesis testing. This study adapts members of the game community as the research participants to explore the impact of game addiction on community addiction and job stress. The results reveal that: (1) game addiction positively affects community addiction; (2) community addiction does affect job stress; (3) game addiction has no positive effects on job stress; however, it has an indirect effect.
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