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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Prof. Elena Intorcia, Prof. Erricoberto Pepicelli*
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The starting point of this article is the United Nations Agenda 2030, an outstanding international project, with a special emphasis on Goal 4 that focuses on providing «Quality Education», an objective that the current global pandemic is making more and more challenging. All the educational agencies, putting academia first, should pursue the aims of Goal 4, setting up a well-established plan with clearly stated objectives. Starting from the controversial principle that «learning is impeded by teaching», some relevant pedagogical practices are examined, such as Retrieval Practice, CLIL, and Microlanguages. Nevertheless, the core of this article deals with some pairs and triples of key theoretical principles, besides some basic theoretical areas, any educator should be familiar with and apply during her/his approach to the learning/teaching process.
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