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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME; 7, ISSUE; 5, MAY 2021

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Author(s): Prof. Dr. Sertif DEMİR, Associate Prof. Dr. R. Dilek KOÇAK
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This study aims at examining the Slovenian airdrome multinational corporation construction Company, in OLI paradigm factors, notably focusing on how the OLI paradigm can be utilized to explain the course of the company for the decision of internationalization production. The major outcome of this study demonstrates that among the OLI paradigm, ownership and location advantages can best explain the Company’s internationalization of production as the Company has the monopolistic advantage in production airdrome in Balkans, at old Soviets countries, and the Middle East and those regions present locational advantage because of their effective demand capacity, low labor costs, free entry markets.
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