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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Indrayati*
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The purpose of this study is to test empirically the effect of leverage, investment stock, bond, and dividend policy on firm value and firm performance for agriculture, basic chemical industry, consumer goods, and finance on the Indonesian stock exchange. The population of this study is 632 companies listed on the Indonesian stock exchange, with a sample of 236 companies in 2018-2019, secondary data sources from ICDM, and audited financial reports by collecting documentation data and processing data with moderate multiple linear regression.
The findings of the research are that financial policy proxied by leverage, investment in stocks and bonds shows a significant positive effect on firm performance, and dividend policy also shows a significant positive effect on firm value. To increase the generalizability of research results, future studies will collect data with different populations or different countries. This study contributes to the performance and value of the company where the increase in leverage, investment, bonds, and dividends will increase the performance and value of the company. The implication of this research is to improve the performance and value of the company for the better. This research is limited to capital structure, dividend policy on firm value with firm performance as moderation. Further research can be developed with different samples and more for generalizations.
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