International Journal of Business and Applied Social Science

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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME: 6; ISSUE: 7; JULY: 2020

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Author(s): Tseng-Chung Tang; Li-Chiu Chi; Hsu-Tong Deng; Yue-Ling Li
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In this study, we investigated the effects of marketing models and service quality on customer repurchase intentions by utilizing survey questionnaires and using life insurance as the product being studied. The sample consisted of 400 customers who responded to an anonymous 34-item, five-point Likert scale questionnaire. The hypotheses were tested and all of them were supported by the data; hence, there are a significant relationship among marketing models, service quality, and customer repurchase intentions. Specifically, although marketing models and service quality are both significantly positively related to repurchase intentions, repurchase intentions correlated more strongly with service quality than with marketing models. Moreover, we found evidence that both marketing models and service quality can significantly predict repurchase intentions. The research results have both theoretical and practical implications.
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