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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Antonella D'Andrea
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Work and well-being are closely related since the quality of working conditions and prospects have a direct impact on the individual's level of well-being. Economic development must necessarily consider the well-being dimension, because of its direct connection with productivity and competitiveness. The first commitment to achieving a global well-being strategy was made taken by the World Health Organization, but the same principles can be to be found in the social rights pillar of the European Union. In Italy in any case, the Constitution of 1948 already establishes the pursuit of the full development of the human person and, in it, establishing the right to health, understood as a state of psychophysical well-being. Actually, in the digital society, the worker enabled to work from any place and at any time thanks to technological devices, enjoys a greater autonomy in their working activity. However, the intensive use of new technologies is likely to have ambiguous and even contradictory effects.
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