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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Dr Soufiane A-Rahmane
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The T&L context of the 21st century is characterized by much emphasis on learner involvement and novice technology-enhanced learning platforms. Current approaches evolve around the development of active learning capacity and learner autonomy in and beyond classroom. The current paper builds on three research projects conducted in the Omani context, focusing mainly on the ’beyond-class’ learning given the fact that only 30% of students’ education time is taken for class contact hours.

The first research explored learner autonomy, concluding that Omani learners have the readiness, willingness and capacity to develop autonomy but of a re-defined type with due consideration to their collaborative and collective orientation. The second investigated the role of extra-curricular activities in enhancing learners’ productive skills, and thus their degree of involvement through the development of control, identification and ownership. The research concludes that providing a favourable and challenging environment increases students’ interest in learning and enhances their involvement both in class and beyond class.The third research explored the link between active learning perceptions and practices, concluding that proper understanding and adequate provisions have a positive impact. It equally concludes that much can be achieved individually and collaboratively through students’ engagement in learning in class as an initiation stage, and later beyond class.
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