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Author(s): Dr Soufiane A-Rahmane , Mrs Mathla Al Rubaii

The present study is designed to investigate Omani Cycle II EFL teachers’ perceptions of active learning and their impact on classroom practices, drawing conclusions on the correlative link between them. The population of the study covers Cycle II EFL teachers from Batinah-North Governorate for the academic year 2017/2018. The questionnaire population consists of 30% of the actual total EFL teachers in the region. The observation tool population consists of 18 teachers. The analysis of the research data indicates a mismatch between teachers’ perceptions of fundamental aspects, such as teacher role, student role, and active learning cycle. This mismatch influences the actual efficiency of classroom practices and is the core element in the recommendations the study suggests. The study highlights the need for further awareness, training, and knowledge among teachers. It brings all educational environment stakeholders into the scene, suggesting role distribution in a spirit of partnership and collaboration.
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