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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME; 4, ISSUE; 6, June 2018

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Author(s): Gertruda Tining Kusumandari, Suharto, P. Eddy Sanusi Silitonga
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Entering the 21st century is a necessity for the business world that the wave of globalization is happening; every country must participate or forced to participate in the global trade arena. On the other hand, human resources in the company's business sector have an important role in the achievement of the objectives of the company to participate in this global trade competition. The human resources within a company cover all employees within the company, from the highest level of the hierarchy to the lowest. Every individual who is in the company has their respective roles that need to be addressed continuously so that creativity and innovation do not stop and die suspended in its development. This study aims to analyze the influence of communication, workability to employee performance through motivation. Population and sample of research are employees of PT. CGGS Indonesia are 40 employees with simple random sampling technique.

The results showed that motivation variable as an intervening variable can be proved perfectly that motivation variable gives indirect influence on communication variable to employee performance and variable ability to employee performance. This statement can be proven by the amount of indirect influence communication on employee performance and ability to employee performance through motivation identified as an intervening variable.
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