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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME: 4; ISSUE: 3; MARCH; 2018

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Author(s): Raymond Kiplimo Kiryongi
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This study investigated the self-evaluation rating of selected QWL indicators by managers of tea firms in Nandi county Kenya. The QWL indicators selected for the evaluation rating included; Organizational culture, empowerment, working environment and Technology. A descriptive research method was employed for the findings. The target population was made up of 5 tea firms in Nandi County, Kenya. The study targeted 63 managers from the 5 tea firms in Nandi County using census. In terms of data collection, questionnaires were used. The findings indicated that the managers rated the QWL indicators highly. The most rated indicators were technology, working environment and empowerment. These indicators were rated as being very good. Organization culture was the least rated of the four and was rated as good. The researcher recommended an evaluation of the firms’ benefits plan and a review of the number of long weekends offered to the managers. This evaluation and review would greatly aid in improvement of the organization culture.
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