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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Associate Professor.GÜNEŞ AÇELYA SİPAHİ
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Due to globalization and increase in competition, branding and process foundation of branding are of vital importance for whole establishments all around the world. In spite of this, the stages of the branding process and the case studies that related to this subject have been studied very little. This study is about of a local company’s real story which has succeeded in having 800 workers and 16 branch offices in 5 cities only with its own sources.

The goal of the study is to explain the labeling story of the establishment which became a label in food and beverage sector in big cities all over Turkey. Furthermore, it explains the stages that have been experienced meanwhile from the point of the Kırçiçeği Company’s owner. Those collected experiences can be road maps to entrepreneurs who are willing to work on service sector.
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