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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME; 8, ISSUE; 7, July 2022

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Author(s): ABERE A. KASSA
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Trust is one of the key factors in employee-employer relationships. Following recent recommendations for a multilevel perspective of trust, the current study investigates the role intrateam trust (trust within teams) plays in team processes as well as individual- and team-level work outcomes. Drawing from a data set of 282 team members, nested within 78 teams, and a multilevel design, I found support for the cross-level mediated effects of intrateam trust on outcomes (job satisfaction and job engagement) at both individual and team levels via team learning. I used the social exchange theory and the norm of reciprocity as theoretical frameworks to develop the hypothesized relationships. Overall, this study not only responds to calls for multilevel trust research and provides evidence to extend trust research, but also makes specific recommendations to practitioners to maximize the limited resources in managing teams and individuals.
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