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  • Call for Papers: VOL: 9, ISSUE: 6, Publication June 30, 2023



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Author(s): Austin-Egole, I. S. *; Iheriohanmaho, J.I.; Ezeji, N. R.; Okafor, H. I.; Madu, C. J ; Nwosu, E. E; Agwadu, D.; Egwim, F. O.
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Insecurity is currently a recurrent issue in many countries of the world - developed and developing. In Nigeria, it has multifaceted manifestations such as Boko Haram terror attacks, banditry/kidnapping, herdsmen/farmers clashes, religious tensions, secessionist movements, agitations for resource control, piracy, organized crime, etc. Recently, the level of insecurity in Imo State has become alarming with several reported regular occurrences of shooting in the area involving unknown gunmen, bandits, and security operatives - a situation which is undoubtedly affecting both social life and the local economy. This paper, therefore, sought to investigate to what extent the socio-economic living standard of the people of Orlu Imo State, Nigeria has been adversely affected by the insecurity situation currently ravaging the area. The investigation mainly covered 2018 and 2022. The survey research design used questionnaires and interviews as instruments of primary data collection were used for the study. Frustration-Aggression Theory served as the theoretical framework. Data were analyzed with simple percentages while the chi-square was used to test the hypothesis. Secondary data from library research was utilized for analytical discussion. Research findings showed that insecurity adversely affected the socio-economic living standard of people as the situation forced residents to be indoors and businesses and social activities ground to a halt. It is recommended that dialogue and round table discussion be made to urgently find a lasting solution to the insecurity situation because the residents are bearing the brunt of the suffering.
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