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Call for Papers: VOL: 10, ISSUE: 3, Publication March 31, 2024



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Author(s): Prof. Assoc. Dr. Shurki MAXHUNI; Prof. Assoc. Dr. Nerimane BAJRAKTARI
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The production of traditional cheese in Albanian families from cow's milk has an early tradition and now yours is still largely being produced. This scientific paper is about to describe the traditional method and chemical composition of milk used to produce soft white cheese, the economic benefits of which are still widely used. The non-standardized milk used for the production of this type of cheese, has an average of 3.53% fat, according to the sisters that were taken from 25 families in different villages of Kosova. The amount of milk used for production is from 5 l to 20 l of milk for a production process. The required amount of milk for the production of one kilogram of cheese is from 3.5 l to 4 l of milk. We have continuously followed the whole process of cheese production: from milking the cows to preparing the cheese for the market. We performed three experiments for each family (25 families in total) and took three samples from each family for both milk and cheese (75 analysis of milk and 75 analysis of cheese = 150 x 11 = 1650 analysis in total). We made the calculations statistically.
Physico-chemical analyzes of milk and cheese were performed at the National Agricultural Institute of Kosova in Peja.
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