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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Enoch O. Antwi. EdD.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the promise of today and future businesses. Any leadership development model that ignores AI could miss out on modern business tools, technology, and resources. Though evaluations in developing business leaders present a positive relationship between AI and leadership development (Husain, 2017; Reese, 2018; Hosanagar, 2019), not many studies have been conducted in these areas. With Roomba Robots listening to social media and iRobot’s identifying customers and reaching out to them through private channels (Carr, 2011), a question arises: will AI be required to use business leadership practices in solving applicable challenges, or it will just be a marketing tool? Leadem (2017) quoted Colin Angle, iRobot’s founder, and CEO in an Entrepreneur Magazine, “I have been able to remain CEO, not because of the fact I was CEO yesterday, but because I've worked very hard to listen, learn and evolve in the seat." Developing business leaders could be rooted in AI knowledge, applicability, challenges, and solutions while paying attention to the three keywords of listening, learning, and evolving in leadership.
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