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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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  • Call for Papers: VOL: 9, ISSUE: 2, Publication February 28, 2023



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Author(s): Penny Handayani; Benedicta Evienia; Sri Hapsari Wijayanti; Regina Widyani; Frenicha
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many female entrepreneurs are trying to maintain their household financial cycles from the businesses they own. Therefore, they need social support from their family and environment to maintain the business performance that they had built before the COVID-19 pandemic. This research is the initial research of a large umbrella of research with the topic of Analysis of the Effect of Multiple Role Conflicts on Performance Women Entrepreneurs During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Social Support as Moderating Variable. This study examines the picture of dual role conflict and social support on the performance of women entrepreneurs with disabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The outputs are expected to help women entrepreneurs with disabilities maintain their business performance by reducing dual role conflicts and getting social support from the surrounding environment. Data collection was carried out with a qualitative approach with snowball sampling which was taken through interviews with six selected respondents. The characteristics of the sample are: 1) Female: married and (was) married, has at least 1 child, 2) Have a business/entrepreneurship for at least the last 6 months, 3) People with hearing disabilities, and 4) Domiciled on the island of Java. Based on the results of the study, the effect of multiple roles on the performance of women entrepreneurs was slightly felt in families with children aged over 12 years, while housewives who had children under 12 years had a considerable influence. The performance of women entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic has increased, this is due to declining economic conditions. While forms of social support that help women entrepreneurs to maintain their performance as entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic are instrumental support, informational support, emotional support, and positive assessments obtained from family and friends. Social support is the main thing for women entrepreneurs to overcome dual role conflicts in their families, the social support they get comes from the family so that dual role conflicts in the family do not occur in women entrepreneurs.
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