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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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  • Call for Papers: VOL: 7, ISSUE: 10, Publication date October 31, 2021



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Author(s): Lina Ahmad Ali Bany Salameh*; Associated Prof. OMAR Farhan Al-Sagarat
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This study aimed to evaluate the changes in usage patterns of lands in Jordan University district for the period (1985-2019), demonstrate the impact of natural factors, humans, in the use of change, and identify the trend of urbanization. To achieve the study objectives, the analytical method, descriptive method, and historical method were used, it also relied on Landsat satellite images, images by Google Earth Pro, and metadata serving the subject of study.
The study findings demonstrated the changing in the land use due to increasing urban lands by 12.5% during the study period, decreasing agricultural lands by –40%, decreasing rangeland by -49%, decreasing barren lands by -42.6%, and decreasing forest area by -50.5%. The study used logistic regression, to predict the usage area of urban and agriculture aspects, and it is demonstrated increasing the urban land by (110823donums) of the district's area, and decreasing the agriculture lands by 2029.
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