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Author(s): Suha Mohammed
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This historical analysis will take you on a journey in time that will give you a glimpse into vibrant attractions of entertainment advertisements that will gradually come to life through the lens and scope of this amplified application of historical examination. “History is about the preservation, recording, systematic analysis, correlation, and the interpretation of events of the past.” (Godfrey, 2011, p.5) The Palmer House held events of entertainment that tell us our story of how pillars of entertainment were put in place and set in motion for us to enjoy the present day.
We need a getaway and entertainment can give us just that. “The escapism ideology is related to the idea that people have a part of their lives which they do not enjoy, and, when possible, they should escape from it.” (Heiligmann, 2003, p.166) The purpose of this study is to project the story this ad tells, as the ad symbolized how the Palmer House represented a space where people can escape their daily lives and find access to a Chicago scene that began to custom design cultural standards.
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