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VOLUME: 6; ISSUE: 7; JULY: 2020

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Author(s): Fitor Ollomani; Yllka Imeri
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The relationship between language and psychology is one of the most complex and close relationships, as human nature itself is. Language, as the identifying phenomenon of man and the only means of realizing human communication, is as biological, psychological as well as social.
The relationship between biological, psychological, and social in the language is one of the most important. To understand the full complexity of this report, it is important to study the relationship between discourse and language, not only in the normal state (in people with normal, biological, psychological, and neurological abilities) but also in people with different abilities. Before presenting the findings of a one-year observation to some children with different abilities, it would be appropriate to put forward some theoretical questions on the relation of language and discourse, the brain's process of speech recognition as neuro-psychological images are created, neuro-psychological knowledge of sentence syntactic structures, word recognition process, etc.
All these and other reports are descriptive of human psycholinguistic development at different ages and with different cognitive and behavioral abilities.
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