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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Prof. Asoc. Dr. Shurki MAXHUNI, Prof. Asiss. Dr. Ekrem GJOKAJ
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The quality of curd is of crucial importance when it comes to cheese production because it directly affects the quality of the final product. This research paper analyzes the financial benefits of producing curd from non-standardized goat milk with 4.44% fat. The Chemical examinations of the used curds adhered to international standards and methods. A total of three experiments were conducted in which for each individual experiment, 500 L of goat milk was used to produce curd that served as a base for the production of mozzarella cheese. Out of these experiments, 48 samples were taken from the milk that was used and another 48 samples were taken from the curd that was produced in order to further analyze and compare their chemical composition. We concluded that it is more financially profitable to use standardized milk with 3.2% fat for curd and cheese production, than using non-standardized milk with 4.44% fat for the same purpose.
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