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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME: 5; ISSUE: 3; MARCH; 2019

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Author(s): Ahmad Fahim Zulkifli, Muhammad Fikri Ariff Adnan
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Study aim: The purpose of this study was to investigate the perception of cooperative learning in teaching and learning in Malaysia High School.
Materials and methods: This study emphasized on teachers’ views on cooperative learning approach to support their students’ teaching and learning in classroom. The study uses the qualitative approach involving 10 academic staff of a local secondary school located at Subang Jaya, Selangor by using semi structured interview method.
Results: The findings showed positive perceptions and interest towards the cooperative learning approach in teaching and learning in secondary schools.
Conclusions: There were many advantages of cooperative learning in teaching and learning both for staff and students. The cooperative learning should be implemented in classroom as it may help students to better link between the concepts and real world. Therefore, educators should invest considerable time to learn about this concept and plan their teaching and learning around their learners.
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