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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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Author(s): Johnith N. Montero, MBA, Castor V. Balacuit, Jr., MAEd
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In the advent of the modern world with the dominance of the internet, accessibility to the universe is at everybody’s hands. This study focused on the internet café services and how effective the management strategies implemented by the owners in running the business and management strategies in dealing with the customers. This investigation utilized a descriptive quantitative method as a fact-finding process of analyzing and interpreting the gathered data. The more internet users are those areas near at educational institutions where students can easily access the internet for their online tasks. The most practiced and very much effective management strategies are on providing secrecy to users’ file and producing computers with updated installed programs. The common problems encountered by most are on the inadequacy of generated income because of close and strong competitions amongst other internet cafés. Internet café is a good business that could recuperate capital in less than a year.
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