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Author(s): Mohammed Suhail Ahmed Al Hadhri; Dr. Nouna Sammari

This study aimed to test the validity of the model of applying the strategic practices of human resource management on improving the performance of transportation sector in Dhofar Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman and to explore the nature of implied relationships in the hypothesized model of study. The researcher adopted the descriptive approach based on the quantitative analysis of field research to test the hypotheses and verify the extent of correlation among these variables depending on the questionnaire of study. The questionnaire was administered to a random sample of (283) from a population of (1075) representing the Omani employees from all positions. After testing the relationships among the implied factors, the findings showed that applying the strategic practices of human resources affects the improvement of organizational performance levels through the positive role of the organizational behavior of individuals in the researched organizations. Therefore, the study could formulate a theoretical framework valid to be applied in the transportation sector in Dhofar Governorate particularly and the Sultanate of Oman generally.
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