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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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VOLUME; 4, ISSUE; 6, June 2018

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Author(s): Henndy Ginting, Yuni Ros Bangun, Hary Febriansyah , Bagus Setiawan, Bonita Lee, Gian Frissilia
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Companies have been concerned on measurement and improvement of their employees’ engagement using various conceptual models. Since every company has their own specific vision, mission, and values, customization is needed to measure employee engagement objectively. One of the biggest state-owned company in Indonesia develops a specific model of employee engagement, consisted of 12-dimensions. Those dimensions have been operationalized in order to build a set of questionnaire to measure employee engagement. This study elaborates the procedure taken to create, validate, and testing the reliability of the measure. We administered the newly designed questionnaire (38 items measuring 12-dimensions) as well as Gallup Employee Engagement and Aon Hewitt questionnaires to 869 employees of the company. Significant correlations between measures, significant item-total item correlations, factorial robustness, and discriminative power confirmed the validity of the measure. Internal consistency, test-retest reliability, and Cronbach Alpha confirmed the reliability of the measure. These multiple sources of evidence are discussed.
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