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DOI: 10.33642/ijbass
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  • Call for Papers: VOL: 7, ISSUE: 3, Publication date March 31, 2021



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Author(s): Talal Hamad HumoodAlRawahi; Dr. NoonaSamari
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The Subject of the decision-making process is the focus of many researchers and thinkers in various fields. It is the individual’s decision making by choosing a specific alternative from a set of alternatives for achieving a particular goal (AlSuwaidan,2001). The aim of this study is to detect the impact of social life on the leading rehabilitation decision making in the Sultanate of Oman using the descriptive analytical approach through conducting interviews with twenty influential personalities in their respective fields from a total of seventy leading personalities who took part in the survey. The results revealed factors such as the existence of parents during childhood, the standard of living, educational opportunities, and friends have very little influence and did not affect radically in the leading rehabilitation decision making. There were also no significant differences in gender, age, family size and educational qualification. However, there were significant differences between self-construction and rehabilitation decision making. While findings confirm the lack of statistically significant differences between the average degree of social life affecting decision making leading rehabilitation due to family social circumstances during their social upbringing. This is attributed to the leaders’ personalities’ influence in their filed. Factors such as clear vision and goal setting scored the highest, followed by mastering work, devotion, dedication, and trust in Allah, determination, and willpower. Other factors are talent which is reinforced by practice, benefit from their experiences and insisting on achieving targets.

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