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Author(s): Gülşe Yılmaz; Assist. Prof. Mehmet Nuri İnel

Today, Norton and Kaplan's Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model is used to improve enterprise performance. The BSC establishes performance targets for the future by identifying current situations in the business performance reports. These targets have been both a strategy and a sustainability tool for companies. Therefore it is needed for the measurement of sustainability performance report sustainability performance of companies. This study sustainability performance balanced scorecard was created for banks. In this context, the economic, environmental, social and institutional profile dimensions of the GRI G4 (Global Reporting Initiative) sustainability reports have been determined. Sustainability dimensions were intersected with the dimensions of the BSC (financial, customer, internal processes, and learning - development dimensions). Thus, BSC model for sustainability has been issued for banks. Banks were examined by TOPSIS method and evaluate their performance with the created model.
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